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  • Works great

    Mon Oct 12 2020
    I have this for almost 2 years and haven't have any major issues. Good product.
  • Not perfect, but not bad.

    Sun Aug 23 2020
    We find that we have to reset the system randomly when there is heavy use, which is a bit frustrating.
  • Excellent Router

    Fri Aug 21 2020
    Very fast and with good coverage. App needs improvement
  • Great WI-Fi system

    Fri Jul 10 2020
    Better than all the wireless routers I have purchased thru the years.
  • Great WiFi now

    Fri Jul 03 2020
    We’ve been in our house for ten years with poor WiFi. We got this system and have had no issues since. Easy to set up. Easy to use. Wouldn’t use anything else.
  • Great device

    Mon Oct 14 2019
    This whole house wifi mesh network extended my wifi throughout my entire home.
  • TP-Link 3 unit DECO

    Sun Mar 24 2019
    could not be more pleased. easy setup, great coverage in a difficut house design. HAPPY
  • well worth the money

    Wed Jan 16 2019
    Always had a problem with wifi cutting out, now we get full strength inside and outside the house
  • Great internet

    Fri Jan 04 2019
    Easy hook up and great internet connection. Covers my whole house.
  • Should have bought this sooner

    Fri Dec 14 2018
    I've been struggling with wifi coverage for some time, buffering movies while in the basement or having a hard time streaming Youtube in the office upstairs. I bought a fancy stand alone wifi router last year, but that didn't do the trick. This product was incredibly easy to set up, the app is easy to use and navigate, while providing all the customization and controls (bandwidth, parental controls, etc), has a guest network, has virus protection, and nearly tripled the signal strength at each corner of our house. Should have bought this a while ago.
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