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  • Small on size big on sound

    Sun Sep 27 2020
    Love the long battery life. Easy to fold up and store. Excellent sound. Easy to use once you learn the control button
  • Great gift

    Sun Sep 20 2020
    I got these as a birthday gift for my partner, and he loves them. He said it was something he didn’t know he needed but now uses every day. Great sound quality, crazy long lasting battery, and aesthetically well-designed.
  • Best for the price

    Fri Sep 18 2020
    Great headphones, my workouts are more intense Good quality bass sound I actually getting the white ones for my wife
  • Great but small

    Fri Sep 11 2020
    So I got these for two reasons listening to inappropriate podcast around the house, and what we all do look pompous at the airport with non-iPod headphones. that were Bluetooth and also had a hardline to watch movies on a plane. Everything Everyone has said about the battery life is true the range of which I can travel from my phone is amazing. The sound is great. The finishes are nice. I only concern is around the ears is very small I’ve had them on for three hours plus not had problems but I have small flat ears. Any headphones get annoying after a while, I think it would be better if they were bigger I looked into the triple price of the noise canceling bigger one. but unfortunately I need to hear my surrounding atmosphere,.. they’ll be great hammy downs to my children when I do upgrade
  • Awesome

    Thu Sep 03 2020
    It is awesome airpods. Excellent quality. The sound is very good.
  • Perfect for what I wanted

    Fri Aug 28 2020
    Got them to use when mowing lawn and yard work. Wife said I would ruin them. Jumped on mower turned them on and never heard her complain They are a little small. They sit more on top of my ears not over them but they stay in place. I just have to remember not to sing along
  • Great Sound

    Wed Aug 19 2020
    Received these as a bonus to my purchase of Marshall wireless speaker. It’s the best bonus I have ever received. The sound is dynamic. I am very please with these headphones
  • Great Headphones for formal and informal people.

    Fri Jul 10 2020
    Marshall Headphones, was a gift for my husband. He is so happy with them because for the comfort and sound.
  • Nothing bad to say

    Tue Jun 30 2020
    Overall they’re great headphones... great sound as well
  • nice sound!

    Sat Jun 27 2020
    This works really good at night when my wife goes to bed and I want to watch a movie. Good product
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