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  • Works great!

    Fri May 22 2020
    This router was easy to use and set up. Instructions were easy to follow.
  • Performance for a good price

    Fri May 15 2020
    Not only did this fit the need I had for a new router, but it was the best value compared to anywhere else I looked! It was an easy setup and even arrived ahead of schedule, which was great during the pandemic!
  • Excellent replacement for older router.

    Fri May 15 2020
    Greatly improved performance. Easy to install. x
  • Strong router!

    Fri May 08 2020
    Spending my work days online presenting videos and slides, I needed an upgrade to my WiFi router. This router has handled all manners of videos, downloads and uploads with no issues!
  • OK, not great

    Fri May 08 2020
    The performance of this router is OK. It does not provide as strong a wifi signal as my 5-year old router, so I am using this new router as a backup router. It does not seem to link to other equipment as well, either. It is difficult to get the antennae to stay in position.
  • Life Saver!

    Fri May 08 2020
    I bought it because my entire family is working from home. Long story short our WiFi could not radiate due to the way our house was built. Thanks to the router our WiFi connection is better than ever.
  • Great router. Set up couldn't have been easier.

    Fri May 01 2020
    Set up worked exactly as directed. All devices connected without a problem. Performance has been great with three people working from home, videoconferencing, etc.
  • Great router for the price

    Tue Apr 28 2020
    I read reviews on this router and decided to purchase one. Easy to hook up, easy to get into the software and change the settings to my preferences. The range exceeds all my expectations and is super fast down loading. Also has an excellent firewall.
  • Good for small living space

    Sun Apr 26 2020
    If you have an open area, this router is good for you. If you have a lot of boundaries likes doors and walls, then you will have dead spots around.
  • Very fast

    Sat Apr 25 2020
    I love it. Much faster than the Quantum router from FIOS
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