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  • Great immersion blender

    Thu Jun 04 2020
    I used simple low powered ones when I was younger but this one is awesome. Easy to use and the attachment is dishwasher safe (the old ones had to be hand cleaned because it was one unit). I have made some delicious soups with this now. I find it easier to use than the Cuisinart. Highly recommended.
  • Return it without using

    Fri May 29 2020
    We found a better deal at Costco. BestBuys was nice to take it back. We did not open the package at all.
  • Nice compact blender

    Fri May 29 2020
    Needed to use my certificates and this proved a good choice. It’s compact and easy to use.
  • works fine

    Fri May 29 2020
    purchased for a vacation home and overall it is fine, works as described. wish it had a few more settings
  • Easy to use, many possibilities

    Fri May 29 2020
    Bought this on sale for almost half the price it is usually so couldn’t pass up the deal. Easy to use for making sauces, soups and makes the morning routine of making smoothies a lot faster. Not to mention clean up is super quick and easy! Tool is really useful in any kitchen
  • Great quality product

    Fri May 29 2020
    My wife loves this. Fantastic quality and perfect for any kitchen
  • Smoothies Daily!!!

    Mon May 25 2020
    Why did I not get this sooner? I never put it away because I’m using it all the time: smoothies, sauces, purées, you name it, I’m blending. Love the ease of not having to get out the blender or hand mixer.
  • Amazing!

    Sat May 23 2020
    Kitchen Aid hand blender is everything you could as for. Very easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Perfect for my needs!

    Sat May 23 2020
    Great size, powerful, easy to clean and disassemble. Great value and easy to use. So many more uses than I originally thought.
  • Quality for a good price

    Sat May 23 2020
    Using the blender you can feel the balanced weight which provides a feel of quality. The detachable lower half and blade make it quite easy to clean. The 2 speed option is also great.
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