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  • Chef watcher

    Tue Feb 23 2021
    This is a beautiful TV But I'm having trouble getting it to turn on in the morning. Getting tech help from Sony is almost impossible!
  • MD

    Wed Feb 17 2021
    Super TV. Great picture quality. Only issue is it does not always work well with my harmony remote.
  • great tv

    Thu Feb 11 2021
    This TV is wonderful. The picture quality is great. The sound could be better but its still worth it.
  • Good tv but not quite functional

    Wed Feb 03 2021
    I don't like this TV much because it keep reset on itself and took so long to turn on. The quality is nice but I just don't like their function.
  • Enjoy watching movies on it

    Tue Feb 02 2021
    Very happy with image quality and responsiveness. The voice remote is a nice feature makes it a lot easier to search online. The WiFi sometimes disconnects could be my WiFi not sure. That’s my only negative but overall great product
  • TV

    Tue Jan 26 2021
    unbelievable TV with alot of options/flexibilty with app compatibility. Only downside is no Airplay so I needed a Roku to circumvent this.
  • Big TV

    Sun Jan 24 2021
    Bought this TV as an open box Geek squad 100% certified clearance item.
  • Best TV ever

    Sun Jan 17 2021
    God I love this TV. Near OLED quality but for half the price (or less) and an even brighter display. Easily my favorite purchase within the last 5 years. Yes I love it that much.
  • TV failed hard at two years!

    Sat Jan 02 2021
    This TV set just failed hard at 2 1/2 years of age! Neither Sony or Best Buy would help with any financial recovery or support even thought it was only 6 months beyond warranty. While it worked, the picture and function was great but I have a hard time supporting a product which cost over $4,000 and only lasted a little over two years.
  • Tv Going Out

    Fri Jan 01 2021
    I’ve had this tv for 1.5 and in that time it’s barely been used since it’s in the basement. The tv keeps cutting off and occasionally will not come back on for a few minutes. The tv will no longer connect to WiFi. Complete waste of money!
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