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  • Great sound

    Fri Nov 20 2020
    These headphones are very good. The only setback for me is that I can’t pair each individual.
  • #2 behind Bose

    Thu Nov 19 2020
    Purchased these headphones as a gift for my sister. They are of great quality (Sony has always been a trusted brand). These are good quality when compared to my Bose wireless-sport.
  • Awesome earbuds

    Sat Nov 14 2020
    These headphones have excellent sound and are noise cancelling. Bluetooth range is perfect.
  • Average earbuds

    Fri Nov 13 2020
    quite not use it at all due to lack of Bluetooth connection. the Sound quality is ok, similar to average earbuds. Not highly recommend. Over price
  • Good sound, fair fit

    Sat Nov 07 2020
    The fit was not as desired. I replace them with the Apple AirPods
  • So disappointed with battery life . . .

    Thu Nov 05 2020
    These headphones are very comfortable. I’ve stuck with Sony headphones/earphones for years because they really are top notch quality for sound, bass, comfort, durability, etc. so when I decided to jump to wireless, this was a no brainer. After downloading the app, and connecting via BT, I loved them. No problems, strong connection, multiple noise-cancelling modes, great sound/bass/treble. Then I noticed the big issue with the battery life, at first it lasted just under 2 hours, now, 7 months down the road it lasts 50 mins. The application states that they have 20% battery life and no matter how many times I try, they fail, and they will not stay on. The only real problem, but it is a major problem as the truly wireless was the reason I bought them. So disappointing. . . .
  • wireless earbuds

    Mon Nov 02 2020
    Great for working out! no problems with noise reduction. Great buy for the price!!
  • Not the product for me.

    Fri Oct 30 2020
    Would not stay in ear while running. Sounds great. Easy to use. I had to return them.
  • Not the product for me

    Fri Oct 30 2020
    Sounded great but would not stay in my ear while running. Cannot use one or the other. If you want to use one it has to be the left.
  • Poor quality.

    Fri Oct 23 2020
    When it was new the battery would quit in two hours. Now six weeks in, it won't even take a charge.
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