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  • This is a good product

    Sat Apr 04 2020
    These are great for running and the battery lasts long.
  • Nice

    Fri Apr 03 2020
    Product suits my needs and purposes for what is needed
  • Great headphones

    Fri Apr 03 2020
    These are awesome. I would recommend them to my friends and family
  • Music sound epic. Phone talking horrible.

    Fri Apr 03 2020
    I trouble shot this a few times and have the same with two different units. The music was probably the best I've heard from any Bluetooth wireless. But if you want to use this headset for talking on the phone, don't bother it sounds horrible.
  • It depends what you want these for

    Thu Apr 02 2020
    So, if you plan on using these for listening to music on the go, then they’re fine. If you plan on having phone conversations on these, then make sure you’re in a completely silent room.. these aren’t good for phone calls at all! But they’re pretty good for listening to music!
  • Great gift

    Sun Mar 29 2020
    Excellent gift for my wife who has a very active lifestyle. I highly recommend this awesome product great value as well
  • they work great

    Sat Mar 21 2020
    My husband loves these! He uses them to work out with.
  • Average quality

    Thu Mar 19 2020
    They are good for a while, but seem to wear out and need replaced too quick.
  • Perfect for workouts

    Wed Mar 18 2020
    My husband needed a new pair of headphones for working out. The sound quality is great. I didn't give 5 stars because they didn't fit perfectly in my husband's ears so now my child has expensive headphones and is very happy.
  • Wireless sport headphones

    Tue Mar 17 2020
    It was a borthday gift for my nephew, he use them for all kind of activities, exercising and working.
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