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  • Good buy

    Fri Oct 23 2020
    Great game for great price got here in time too...
  • Amazing

    Fri Oct 23 2020
    I have always been an Assassin’s Creed fan and I love it! The graphic is amazing and I can’t wait until the new one comes out!!
  • Life saver no for them but to me .

    Fri Oct 23 2020
    I only have to says, I'm addicted to this game , finally get something to do in this quearentine.
  • Great game. Enjoyable

    Fri Oct 23 2020
    My son has had a blast with this game. He plays this game all the time and has for over a year. It is still relevant in 2020.
  • Assassin Creed Odyssey

    Fri Oct 23 2020
    I love this game!!!!! I recommend this game to anyone
  • Beautiful

    Thu Oct 22 2020
    A great open world packed with missions, and a fun story. It took me a long time, but I finally got through the campaign. Now, on to the DLC. Lol.
  • Fun!

    Wed Oct 21 2020
    Incredibly fun, but buggy on one x. Hit black screens often.
  • For Glory!

    Wed Oct 21 2020
    Bought it as a gift and the recipient loved it. Solid entry into the franchise.
  • Assassins Creed Odyssey

    Tue Oct 20 2020
    Been waiting on this one for a while. Saw it on sale and grabbed it. I’ve had quite a bit of fun with this one.
  • Solid game to have

    Mon Oct 19 2020
    Definitely a great game to play has many hours of gameplay also lots of rich vivid detail and history to learn from so I would say this is a solid title!
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