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  • Good game

    Sat Nov 07 2020
    Fun game. I really liked my time with Gears 4. Good time for the money
  • Great Shooter

    Sun Nov 01 2020
    Great shooter and multiplayer, good times and lots of action.
  • I love it.

    Wed Oct 21 2020
    I love the Gears of War series. I really wanted the ultimate edition but this will do just fine.
  • great

    Fri Sep 18 2020
    is a great game to play as is all of the gears games
  • FPS fun

    Fri Aug 07 2020
    This is a classic adventure game. Great graphics and storyline.
  • Loved it

    Fri Jul 10 2020
    Have a great time and enjoy playing this game ,makes me feel like a kid again lol
  • Gears forever

    Sat May 30 2020
    Amazing battles and look amazing, the history and sound
  • Good game

    Tue May 26 2020
    My sister got this for her boyfriend and he really enjoyed it
  • Great game

    Fri May 15 2020
    I bought this for husband and he loves it. The graphics are incredible.
  • Pretty good game

    Sat Apr 25 2020
    I like the Gears franchise anyway, but this one was really good and leads you to believe there is gonna be a 5th... which there is. Play it!
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