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Xbox One - Call of Duty 4 - Acción

Xbox One - Call of Duty 4 - Acción

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  • meh

    Fri Dec 04 2020
    hadn't played a cod game in some time. just like the rest of them. I traded this in pretty quickly.
  • Average at best

    Fri Dec 04 2020
    Not my favorite Call of Duty, I tried to get into this but never really enjoyed it.
  • Great game

    Fri Dec 04 2020
    Bought this as a gift for my brother and he loves it.
  • Gift that was appreciated

    Fri Dec 04 2020
    It was a gift for someone else, but he sure seems to like it!!
  • Amazing Graphics

    Mon Nov 30 2020
    A good game with amazing graphics and it runs smoothly, overall an amazing game.
  • .

    Sat Nov 28 2020
    My son love it is a real game, and always asking for more
  • No single player, no value

    Wed Nov 25 2020
    I didn't realize this has no single player mode (I blame myself, but it really should have been in the product description.) Since I refuse to pay for Xbox life (why is it free on PC, but not Xbox?) then this game had no value to me. Not to mention I would never willingly spend full price on a game that delivers half the content.
  • COD review

    Mon Nov 23 2020
    Alright game. Not very replayable. Lost interest in it fast. Has decent multiplayer and an ok story. Might be ok the check out.
  • Back to its epic origin

    Sun Nov 22 2020
    They finally went to basics on this one from the tragic of infinite war. COD black ops games and MW are the best.
  • Review

    Fri Nov 20 2020
    Good game but honestly no other black ops has roped bo2 .
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