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  • My go to.

    Fri Nov 27 2020
    I had some connectivity issues, but these are still the best for noise canceling. I’ve tried manyyyyy. Nothing blocks out wind noise like these do. They replaced the defective one for me and the connection. Is working much better.
  • Excellent

    Fri Nov 27 2020
    These are the greatest I’ve had. Keep going back to them. The noise canceling is unbeatable. ESP with the different options for ambient. I am outdoors in the wind a lot and have tried many. Nothing beats the sound over the wind.
  • Wireless headphones

    Tue Nov 24 2020
    The Sony wireless of ear noise is great. I do not need headphones when traveling.
  • Lacks in battery life

    Fri Nov 20 2020
    Charge does not last as long as I would like. Sound quality is excellent and fits comfortably in ear.

    Tue Nov 17 2020
    I wanted sooo bad to love these, but I cannot. I literally had these for 2 months and one of them quit working. I thought maybe they need to be updated, so I tried that to no avail. I cannot express the frustration I dealing with right now. I contacted SONY only to be told that I would have to take them to a dealer to have them serviced. When you spend over $100 for a product you expect them to work longer than 2 months. Needless to say, I wil NEVER buy another Sony product.
  • Not what I expected..

    Wed Nov 11 2020
    I honestly expected more, since they were Sony. Everyone complained about background noise, which was 70% of my reason for purchasing.
  • Had high hopes... But, this was a dissapointment

    Sun Oct 25 2020
    The sound quality and length of charge was pretty good, everything was great until the charing box stopped working. That was a disappointment. A good amount of money spent on a product where we could not charge after approx. six months...
  • The best

    Thu Oct 22 2020
    Great quality’s We love everything about them. Highly recommended.
  • These were ok

    Mon Sep 21 2020
    Not the greatest earphones but they did the job for awhile. I used to expect better quality from Sony but they seem to have lost their flare in the last couple of decades.
  • Ears

    Fri Sep 18 2020
    Lose WiFi quickly and noise level is off from ear to ear
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