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  • Great Buy

    Tue Aug 27 2019
    Great quality and worth the purchase. I recommend to anyone.
  • Great sound and noise cancellation

    Wed Jun 19 2019
    Very cool, great sound and very good noise cancellation.
  • It’s okay headphones

    Wed May 15 2019
    I had Bose headphones before and they where with plug in cord . I decide to go with Bluetooth technology and Sony was on sale and I decided to give a shot. As far as blocking the noise it is not bad but the Bose I felt worked better. The other annoying thing is to adjust the sound volume
  • Fantastic headphones

    Thu Jan 17 2019
    Noise cancellation is very good. They are perfect for flying. The bass and voice clarity is also perfect. I love everything about these headphones. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
  • Right Size

    Sun Dec 30 2018
    This is an awesome quality headset with great noise cancelling feature. The Ambient sound reduction works increasingly better when there is more ambient sound. Great one touch volume control without fumbling with little switches. My only complaint it that the on/off switch is flat to the frame and hard to find at first but after just a few times wearing it, no problem. Incredibly high quality sound and rich bass.
  • Ultra convenient headphones to use

    Fri Aug 31 2018
    Sony did the job upgrading your headphones. Its ultra easy to use. Answering phones is never been easier. Turning it off and on when somebody talks to you it’s a simple us covering one side of the headphone. A must buy and I must own unit. Thank you Sony!
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