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Logitech - Control remoto Companion - Negro

Logitech - Control remoto Companion - Negro

Modelo: 915-000239SKU: 1000210827

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  • Decent

    Mon Mar 01 2021
    A decent product, just required too much rework two have a device that mostly just does what my phone already does.
  • Good but upgrade to the ultimate.

    Sun Feb 28 2021
    This is a good remote control but I would spend a little bit more and buy the ultimate version as there is more functionality and you can include smart home controls. Also it is a little more ergonomic in your hand and easier to get support from logitech. I believe this item is is almost obsolete if it is not already
  • Excellent budget item

    Sat Feb 27 2021
    Excellent budget item for the price. I would recommend this to anyone
  • Happy purchase

    Fri Feb 26 2021
    I like it because I can control all four of my devices seamlessly.
  • Keep looking

    Fri Feb 26 2021
    Great idea, nice looking. Way too hard to set up. The base often goes offline leaving the app and remote useless. Old, clunky interface on app too. Look elsewhere
  • Logitech Remote

    Fri Feb 26 2021
    I bought this remote to program multiple devices. It is not user friendly and I have been unsuccessful accomplising my goal, despite many efforts. Now it is too late to return bad!
  • Great work, needs better keypad

    Fri Feb 26 2021
    Great replacement for an old harmony 650. Only complaint is the buttons were not back lit. I Perka great with Roku and an older plasma TVs and old Panasonic stereo system.
  • Review of Logitech 665

    Fri Feb 26 2021
    It was a little confusing to install. But once installed, it’s been easy to use and working out great.
  • Logitech-Harmony Remote

    Thu Feb 25 2021
    This is for people more "Tech-savvy" than us old Folks. I can see it would be great for everyone else though.
  • Complicated remote

    Thu Feb 25 2021
    I would say we are pretty tech savvy but this remote is complicated once it has been set up. It’s sensitive when you accidentally sit on the remote and turns off all the devices but when you want to purposely turn devices on, it has a massive delay. Overall I would not recommend. You are better off with a cheap universal remote. This is not worth the money.
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