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Bose - Teatro en Casa Sistema Lifestyle 600 - Blanco

Bose - Teatro en Casa Sistema Lifestyle 600 - Blanco

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  • Great system!

    Mon Mar 23 2020
    Sound quality is amazing anywhere you sit in the room. Geek squad did an awesome job installing the system for me. I have an old house and they ran in to a couple of "snaggs" when hiding the wires, but they did great and cleaned up well when they finished.
  • Bose Surround Sound install

    Fri Jan 31 2020
    Had a Bose 600 Surround Sound, Nest WIFI and tv mount install. Justin and his assistant installer were great, and we are very happy with the quality of work performed. They showed me how to operatey equipment. Man Cave Complete!
  • Great Sound

    Thu Oct 17 2019
    This is a great system just wish the mounts designed for these speakers were not fixed. Still fills the room with sound. Just would have liked to be able to point the rear speakers more inward.
  • BOSE. The name says it all!

    Sun Oct 13 2019
    Again, Bose never fails to amaze me. Always have been a Bose enthusiast! Always will be! ;)
  • Sounds incredible

    Tue Sep 10 2019
    A must buy for your home theater. Incredible sound
  • exquisite system

    Wed Jul 17 2019
    Needed white because of the room. I paid a bit more for it, but it is worth it. Great system, great band, great sound.
  • Phenomenal system Lifestyle 600 White

    Wed Jan 16 2019
    Just got this today and it is amazing! Sound quality is fantastic and the bass is epic. I will say though, I can’t wait to add a second subwoofer to the system as it is compatible with that. Setup definitely took awhile but it was smooth and no issues. Folks just need to take your time with setup. Extremely happy with purchase and if you can’t quite swallow a purchase of the lifestyle 650 $$$ then this is perfect! Highly recommend.
  • Excellent sound

    Thu Nov 29 2018
    This set is a magical box of high quality sounds that will enrich your home or office spaces. Hardly recommend for a good music listener.
  • Pricey

    Wed Nov 28 2018
    Sleek and stylish, however very pricey considering other options available.
  • Who cares if it is a trick, sounds like real Magic

    Fri Nov 09 2018
    The sound from this system is very pleasing. The base module is a substantial upgrade compared to the old lifestyles systems. I shopped around quite a bit before deciding to go with Bose, and in the end, I wished I would not have wasted time looking for the more cost effective system that sounded as good. In my opinion better for less does not exist. And unless you have space for giant speakers and a budget of a thousand bucks or better for each, you will not come close to the quality pleasing sound of Bose not to mention amp that lets you dial down the frequencies that make high volumes piercing and painful. Two statements I debunked in my journey for good sound, one is: "No highs no lows must be Bose", to this I say the Bose 300/700 bass module handles bass as good as any system I experienced, and that the parts I am missing on the top end only made me cringe. The other: "Bose tricks you into thinking it sounds better", to this I say, who cares if it is a trick, it sounds like real magic. If you have the budget for the lifestyles systems, I would not hold back. The only thing I found that sounded good enough to consider was the Bose Soundtouch 700 soundbar with 700 bass module and nearly invisible surrounds. CON: I don't care sound touch app. Internet connectivity requires that you have a static IP. Installing and setup is easy.
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