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  • Great product

    Wed Aug 19 2020
    Great product. Nice to have extras so you can clean and swap them out and make sure it’s always working at its best
  • It’s a kit

    Fri Jul 24 2020
    I’m glad to have all these parts around. Both my wife and I have long hair and I can sometimes probably make a wig with what is wrapped around the brush and rollers, so it’s good to have backups.
  • Great backup

    Thu Mar 19 2020
    Bought just in case something happens to my roomba
  • We Love our Roomba 960

    Thu Jun 20 2019
    We love our Roomba 960! We call her Rhonda and she does a fantastic daily job at keeping up with the dogs hair. So glad they have replacement parts that are easy to do.
  • Just perfect

    Fri Mar 29 2019
    I had ordered accessories from another source. I am happy to know these are authentic Roomba parts.
  • A quick way to tune up your Roomba

    Tue Mar 05 2019
    I had probably put off replacing some of the parts in my Roomba for longer than I should have, but only because I was thinking I would pick up these parts when I was in BestBuy, which I kept forgetting to do. So, order this kit and you get 3 replacement filters, a set of rollers, and two edge brushes. It couldn't be easier to replace those items and get your Roomba cleaning like new again.
  • Great replacement parts

    Sat Mar 02 2019
    These are the iRobot brand replacement parts for our Roomba. Works great! Tried the cheaper knockoffs that don't work as well, so might as well spend a little more money to buy brand name!
  • Not exciting but useful

    Fri Mar 01 2019
    It's just a box of replacement parts for a vacuum. Not exactly a thrill but easy to replace and useful.
  • iRobot replenish kit

    Thu Feb 21 2019
    I am happy that I purchased an extra kit. It is handy to have on hand.
  • Replenishment Kit for Roomba

    Sun Feb 17 2019
    This is a replenishment kit for my Roomba, it has everything I need to keep my Roomba in working order. Great price and fast shipping made this a deal.
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