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  • Addicting

    Wed Feb 17 2021
    This was a gift and great so glad I got I love the game.
  • fun game

    Fri Feb 12 2021
    amazing game, brings back childhood memories. Loved it for past time destressing.
  • Standard Musou with a skin

    Wed Feb 03 2021
    If you like musou games you'll probably like this one, though I don't think it holds up to the better Dynasty Warriors titles.
  • Group hack and slack at its best

    Thu Jan 28 2021
    Fire emblem is fun to play with others players or versus the computer. I love the group melee hack and slash gameplay
  • Great game

    Sat Jan 23 2021
    Great game fun playing it! Glad I purchased it!
  • Good enough

    Fri Jan 08 2021
    It's a good enough game. My only issue was that the battles seemed less hectic and overwhelming than Hyrule Warriors or the One Piece games in the same genre. You'll probably also get a lot more enjoyment out of it if you're a fan of Fire Emblem pre-Three Houses.
  • Fire Emblem Warriors

    Sun Dec 27 2020
    Im a fan of warriors games but like most they are pretty repetitive, great graphics tho
  • fun hack and slash

    Tue Dec 22 2020
    Worked as it said it would. I have no complaints on my end.
  • Great Warrior game

    Fri Dec 04 2020
    Excellent Nintendo Switch version of Fire Emblem Warriors. I got it during a sale so price wise it's an excellent deal. I think if you like Dynasty Warriors games you will definitely love this Nintendo Switch game.
  • great game ! very fun

    Fri Nov 27 2020
    really fun different kind of game for fire emblem, loved it!~
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