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  • Love these headphone!

    Sun Apr 28 2019
    I love these headphones easy to use .... I keep them in my purse at all times.
  • Vintage inspired top performer

    Thu Apr 11 2019
    The Marshall wireless headphones have a pinch of nostalgia masked as a cover for some high end sounding headphones. It pays homage to the classic design of their line of famous amplifiers and recording equipment. Personally I have never seen their products on the market before getting these. I was very impressed with their design at first glance. I love the leather looking design and exposed wiring, giving it a studio look in a wireless platform. The Bluetooth states they will work at a distance of 30 feet, which is quite a bit. I have tested them and they will go further than that if you have line of sight with the source. I did this connected to my iPhone XR. A little past 40-45 feet I started getting a little crackling, but not too much. Point is 30 was a modest understated estimate and it will go further than that. The sound rivals the likes of Bose and Beats. All the levels of sound are great, at least to me. I am not one that can sit there and tell you the slightest of differences, but if the music sounds good then it’s good. If it sounds superior, then it’s superior. These are superior for sure. The one thing they are missing is the noise cancellation feature Bose and Beats both have. I really like and prefer that. Since these cover your ears, you get some blocking of ambient noise, but not as much as the others. They don’t claim to do this feature, I am just saying that’s a nice feature they don’t have. These are a sharp pair of headphones. I really like the look, feel and function of them. They are different than others on the market and that was one of the draws for me. If you were to get them, you will be happy for sure. They feel substantial and I love the fact you can fold them up and they travel well. Pull the trigger on these, you will love them.
  • A solid set of headphones

    Tue Apr 02 2019
    Marshall does and excellent job here with the Monitor headphones. My exposure to Marshall is of course pro-audio amps (which I haven't used in a number of years). Here Marshall is going consumer oriented. While other manufacturers have gone this route, Marshall does stand out in the crowded market of headphones. First of all, they have a distinctive style. They look and feel like a piece of studio equipment. The materials are all very premium and softtouch. Cables going from the headband to earcups are coiled - which lends itself more to the 'guitar amp' look. Metallic trim is a Marshall bronze for the joystick, side labels, and hinges. Everything is well designed here - which is more than I can say for many headphones I've had from other manufacturers in the past. Metal runs the entire length of the headband, and the space saving fold away feature is fully metal pieces. No plastic here to disintegrate (I'm looking at you Klipsch). The top headband has some super comfortable foam embedded too, which I can appreciate. The headband clamping force is on the tighter side, but not uncomfortable. Rather it feels solid enough they won't fall or move when you turn your head. Charging occurs through a micro-usb jack - standard, but I'm still waiting for USB-C ubiquity. The earcups are modular and magnetic, so easy enough to replace assuming they sell the replacements. Battery life is really great. Like others have stated, it's pretty dang good - lasting longer than I can really keep realistic track of. Unfortunately there is no removable battery here, so these are disposable headphones unfortunately (I did remove the T-8 torx screws but didn't find anything user serviceable). While construction is excellent, sound is good. I'm not trying to be too picky, but at the MSRP there are more compelling sounding headphones. While we'll have to wait and see what retail pricing actually looks like over time, they compete sound wise very well in the $100-150 range. Volume is loud. Notes are clear and vibrant. Bass is clear, and definitely enhanced, but the low end doesn't seem quite as powerful as other headphones in this class. The soundstage is narrow (as expected in over the ear designs), but again, sound quality and volume are both excellent here. Noise isolation is quite good, and while not noise cancelling, I could hardly hear anything outside the heaphones. Here the quality of the foam padding outweighs what can be accomplished on the low-end of the noise cancelling world. Marshall does something here I wish more headphone manufacturers would do more: be honest with you about the sound. We all know that manufacturers tend to enhance bass, and treble. Marshall actually prints the frequency response curve of the headphones on the box as a graph. This indicates that you aren't looking at a 'flat' set, but rather a 'powerful' curve (like most retail headphones). I love this about Marshall, and it builds credibility. In the box are a few accessories. The included bag seems durable, if not overly protective (although the headphones themselves seem pretty durable). The cable looks the part, with a coiled area for better cable management. The cable includes an AHJ mic and button. The 3.5mm jack is found on the base of the right earcup. All connections and cable ends are gold plated. Marshall executes a solid offering here. If you're in the market for bluetooth headphones and travel durability is on your priority list: you need to give these a shot. The value proposition at MSRP is there, given the construction quality, but audio is just average in that price range. Assuming you can find them lower, then this set makes a ton of sense. Highly recommended!
  • Rockstar Headphones

    Sun Mar 31 2019
    When it comes to modern wireless headphones, there are several features that are requirements for me to enjoy using them: * They need to be able to travel well * They need to have the ability to use an analog aux cable * They need to be comfortable to wear * They need to isolate noise or be noise cancelling Most important of all - they have to make whatever I’m listening to sound fantastic. The new Monitor headphones by Marshall fit all of these to near perfection. They are designed to be foldable and they compact down very nicely. They even come with a soft carrying case. I would’ve liked a more firm case to protect them while I travel, but it’s not a deal-breaker. They fold up very nicely and fit into my carry-on bag when I fly without issue. These headphones also not only have the ability to be used as a wired headset with an Aux cable, but they come with an Aux cable that has the signature look of Marshall music equipment. One end is a typical straight aux connector and the other end is a 90-degree right angle connector - so your mileage may vary depending on what you’re connecting. When I used them with my iPhone XS and lightning adapter, the cable sat off to the side. Additionally, they come with a USB-A to Micro-USB charging cable, but no power puck. So you’ll need to plug it into an available USB-A port to recharge them. A puck would’ve been nice, but I guess everyone figures you have open USB-A ports or extra charging pucks hanging around. One thing that caught me by surprise was how tight and snug these headphones felt when I put them on for the first time. Other reviews have mentioned this as well and honestly, it was a bit surprising at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly. It wasn’t uncomfortable by any means, just a tighter fit than I’ve been used to. Thankfully, the Monitor headphones are designed to be over-ear and not on-ear. I’ve used other name brands that are tight and sit on-ear and after a while, they start to hurt. Thankfully, this didn’t happen here. Also, compared to other headphones that can make you look like you’re directing traffic on an aircraft carrier, the Monitor headphones profile is surprisingly slim. I’ve worn them around the office listing to music and I didn’t feel the slightest bit awkward. The Monitor headphones don’t require an App to function, they paired fine with my iPhone XS and Apple TV. The over-ear design helps isolate exterior noise, but I don’t believe these have any active noise-cancelling feature. It would’ve been nice, but it’s not a deal breaker that they don’t cancel outside noise. That’s because the sounds that comes out is freaking beautiful! Which, if you’re buying headphones, you don’t want to spend money for something to produce anemic, or tinny sound. These come with an equalizer set to produce booming bass, stable mids and variable treble. I put my music on shuffle and from John Lennon to Snoop Dogg to Bruno Mars to Metallica, everything sounded amazing! If you’re in the market for a solid wireless headphone option from a company that knows a thing or two about speakers, then you need to check out the Monitor headphones. They’ve quickly become one of my favorite traveling and daily use sets.
  • Best Headphones ever

    Fri Mar 29 2019
    I received those headphones as a present, super cool. Great design.
  • Almost perfect!

    Thu Mar 28 2019
    I've been using the new Marshall Monitor Bluetooth headphones for the past couple of weeks. Marshall is stepping up it's game on the high end headphone market by continuing to add features to their headphone line. There are several improvements over the current Monitor headphone that make these worth a look. First of all... bluetooth! With everything moving to bluetooth adding this connectivity capability is a huge plus. Using Qualcomm aptX technology the sound is improved by compressing the signal even more for a hi-res stream without losing quality of the sound. In bluetooth mode you should be able to be un-tethered up to about 30 feet without loss of signal. If you prefer to hard connect a 6 foot long 3.5mm coiled cable comes with the headphones. A cool feature is the ability to listen wirelessly and a friend can plug their headphones into the 3.5mm jack on the right earcup and listen along... sweet! Second feature I like is the control joystick on the left earcup. The single button/joystick controls power, bluetooth pairing, volume up and down, forward and back and pause and play functions when connected to a smartphone. It took a little bit for me to develop the muscle memory to effectively use the controls. Mileage may very. The sound is fantastic. Rich tones, but you would expect that on a higher end headphone. While these headphones don't have active noise canceling they do provide some noise isolation. They would be perfect if they would have active noise cancelling. I have yet to find a Marshall equalizer app that works with the Monitor but most music apps have their own. I would have expected Marshall to have something to get the most out of their headphones but it's not a major drawback and there are other apps that can do the job. Now to comfort... the foam in the on the ear cups is soft and the thin cover is supple however I found the tension of the metal strap to be a bit on the stiff side so wearing these for an extended period of time is a bit uncomfortable. I ended up bending the strap a little bit to take some of the tension off. The metal strap is covered with the same foam and cover of the same material as the earcups. They say these are over the ear but my ears are slightly larger so they end up resting partially on my ears making prolonged wearing a bit uncomfortable. I find myself gravitating more to studio type headphones but these Marshall headphones are comfortable enough that I could probably wear them for a couple of albums worth of music without a problem. Battery life is great. You should get around 30 hours of play time on a charge and with the supplied USB charging cable you should be able to power it back up quickly. The headphones look fantastic with the gold trim and a black simulated leather cover on the cups and the white Marshall branding displayed. The headphones come with a 3 foot long USB charging cable along with the partially coiled 6 foot long 3.5mm audio cable and a nice carrying bag. All in all these are a great addition for music lovers. Price is on par with comparable manufacturer units so there isn't much to not love.
  • Not quite perfect ...

    Tue Mar 26 2019
    The Marshall - MONITOR's are a really nice attempt at 'high end' wireless blue tooth headphone. From the moment you take them out of the box, you'll feel the quality of the materials, the attention to detail and the solid construction. Unfortunately, the complete experience was anything but perfect and I'm not entirely sold. First off, Marshall states that these are 'over-the-ear' monitors but the ear cups are surprisingly too small (and I have average to smallish ears...) and are really more like an on-the-ear/over-the-ear hybrid. The comfort factor is definitely strong from a materials and shape standpoint but the fact that the ear cups press down upon the circumference of the entire ear is an odd, intrusive feeling. I truly wish Marshall would have made the ear cups larger... to accommodate average to larger ears. The overall structure does lend itself to a moderate amount of flex, so with that and the comfortable head band (the head band construction doesn't look comfortable but in fact it is...), these are generally a snug fitting, well-balanced pair of headphones. Weight is good in that they feel solidly constructed for their size but not painfully heavy. If only the ear cups were just a tad bit bigger... The single brass finished control joystick is kind of cool but does take some time to figure out. More importantly, and my biggest complaint about these headphones, is the horrible pairing arrangement. The user manual explicitly states that you need to hold down the button for a mere 5 seconds when pairing these to your phone or other device. I struggled with this set up step for a long time and became rather frustrated. Leaving nothing to chance, I contacted their support line and was directed to hold down the button for 20+ seconds to actually get the headphones to pair with my Android phone. Wait. What? There's a big difference between 5 seconds stated in the manual and the 20 some seconds it actually took for these to become visible to my device. The customer service agent at Marshall was polite enough and explained that they were aware of the issue and "working on it". Wait. What? Hasn't this product been around since 2017? What more do they have to do to "work on it". Simply update the user manual on the website and strategically place a customer notification somewhere on the website's product page. I see this as a glaring oversight, especially with nearly 2 years of product availability. Moving on, I can say that the fidelity is stunning. Sound is highly subjective but a good set of headphones, with a favorable response to on-board equalization, is a thing to behold. And the Marshall - MONITORs don't disappoint. These headphones sound just as good as many other wired sets I've owned or demo'd. There is plenty of volume output, solid bass response and smooth clarity from the mid range to the top end. It is these redeeming qualities that kept this review from tanking hard. It should be noted that using the included cable also produced excellent results - almost indistinguishable to their wireless operation. That's a rarity. Battery life is also outstanding for their size and for the full bodied sound that these headphones produce. I averaged 25 to 35 hours depending on the content, distance and overall volume. Now that's pretty impressive. So in a nutshell, if the comfort is suited for your particular head (you'll know right away upon trying them on...) and you're already aware that the pairing step takes 20 seconds instead of 5 - thereby avoiding the frustration of no connection/no device found - then these headphones have a lot to offer. I can only recommend these to some folks.... as fit & comfort is the make or break for headphones, no matter how well they sound.
  • Comfortable and Sound Great

    Sun Mar 24 2019
    These Marshall Monitor Bluetooth Headphones work great. They are comfortable to wear with well padded ear phones and padded headband. They connected easily to my iPad and the sound is great. They do not have noise cancellation, but they do a great job reducing outside sounds on their own. I can even hear my own breathing while wearing them. They come with a 3.5mm cable to plug into non-Bluetooth players or when the battery is low. The battery lasts a long time, I’ve gone over a week without having to charge them. They also come with a usb cable for charging and a drawstring bag for carrying. They are cleverly designed to fold up compactly. Aesthetically, they are designed to look like a Marshall amp with a simulated black leather coating with brass accents and curly cables. This may appeal to musicians. The bottom line is: they are easy to use, comfortable, and sound great.
  • Love that bass

    Sat Mar 23 2019
    MONITOR bluetooth headphones are another well designed product from Marshall that provides high quality audio. If you are a bass lover but want treble and bass boosted in a balanced way, these are the headphones for you. They have excellent battery life. The specification says 30 hours but it really depends on the use and volume level. I have been using mine for 2 weeks without a recharge and the battery is still at 30%. The other thing that I like about these headsets is the controller that controls volume, calls, tracks etc. There is one single button to control everything. You just move it in different directions to do different things. It takes a little getting used to but is definitely much better than having multiple buttons. The headsets come with charging cable, an audio cable for wired listening and a bag to keep them all together. The audio cable also has inline mic which I find slightly better than the wireless mic. I wish that the inline mic had volume controls as well. The only thing that I don't like too much about them is the size of ear cups. They are a little small for me as a result they become uncomfortable after an extended period of time (around an hour). Overall, these are good headsets for the price. There are cheaper options available but they don't match with the audio quality provided by these ones.
  • great fit and great sound

    Sat Mar 23 2019
    My first impression out of the box was "wow" these are sleek and light weight for monitors! Setting up the connection was simple, and they charged fairly quick. Sound isolation was fantastic and overall quality was good. IMO these are great for relaxing to an entire album and catching all the finer details.
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