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Xbox One - Redout

Xbox One - Redout

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  • Fun game

    Sat Oct 05 2019
    Not a bad racing game. A little challenging but fun.
  • Fast pace racing

    Tue Mar 26 2019
    If you like the old school classic F-Zero, then play this game
  • tough drive to start

    Mon Feb 25 2019
    Game was a tough start to learn how to drive. My kid gave up.
  • Great game for kids

    Mon Jan 21 2019
    This is a great game for kids. Without the violence of alot of other games out there.
  • Great beginner to advanced play

    Sat Dec 29 2018
    Excellent racing game. Grafics are incredible. Controls are easy but need to be set up. I recommend doing beginner courses before you start a career
  • Ok game

    Mon Dec 10 2018
    It is easy to hard game to play. Cool graphics. It look fun game to me.
  • Great fun!

    Fri Nov 09 2018
    The game is super fast paced and the music is engaging. The learning curve is not to steep in the beginning but they really start to make you earn your gold medals after the first few races. Great game
  • Pretty cool zero G racer.

    Fri Oct 05 2018
    As a fan of Wipeout and FZero I found this game to be up to par with expectations. It seems like the controls might be a little too much at times (having to pull up or push down on the right stick for proper steering is a little weird) but over all it's fun and gives a good sense of speed. Awesome "arcade" racer.
  • funny game

    Sun Dec 10 2017
    it is a nice racing game to play with friends and family
  • Runs at 30 fps

    Sat Oct 07 2017
    Bummed to discover the framerate of this game is locked at 30.
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