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  • Perfect!

    Tue Jan 05 2021
    It is exactly what we needed when and works wonderfully!
  • Works great

    Sun Oct 04 2020
    Just like the rest of TP-Link's products, it works great. Using it on a file server tucked away in a corner. No complaints on file transfer speeds or reliability... it just works.
  • Used to get a desktop online

    Mon Sep 14 2020
    Purchased this for a client who brought her desktop home, but didn't have easy access to wired ethernet. She reported that this was easy to setup, and allowed her to move her desktop to a more convenient location.
  • Works great

    Fri Sep 11 2020
    I needed 5g and this device really worked out great for my family. It was easy to install and my computer has a great 5g signal.
  • Great project, filled my needs

    Fri Sep 11 2020
    Arrived quickly. Works great to replace what broke
  • So far so good

    Sun Aug 02 2020
    Just got recently and increased speed on m old laptop from 180 to 585. still need to test everywhere in the house.
  • Worked great till it failed

    Fri Jul 17 2020
    I got blazing fast speeds on both 2.4G and 5G for over one day. Then I unplugged it to try another adapter, and then I plugged it back in. It never worked after that. As a retired engineer, I tried reinstalling and everything I could think of, but it never got well.
  • Great!

    Sun Jun 28 2020
    I bought this to use on my desktop computer it works very well. Very easy setup.
  • Easy to set up

    Sat Apr 25 2020
    Needed to convert my desktop into wireless, works great
  • Fine Wireless Adapter

    Fri Sep 13 2019
    Good value, works right out of the box on Windows. Dual band, no complaints.
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