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Apple - iPad Pro 64 GB 10.5" - Gold

Apple - iPad Pro 64 GB 10.5" - Gold

Modelo: MQDX2CL/ASKU: 1000207057

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  • Average for the price

    Thu Aug 22 2019
    I upgraded to this one works better. I have all apple products so I’m happy with them
  • Great product

    Thu Aug 22 2019
    Purchased for my daughter so I don't use it, but she uses it every day at work. She tells me it saves her so much time that she wouldn't go to work without her i-pad. Very expensive. Best used with pencil which adds to cost. It does cost less than a computer.
  • Great for what I need

    Thu Aug 22 2019
    Does everything you’d expect and with wonderful ease and clarity. Can’t ask for much more than that
  • My go to for everything!!

    Thu Aug 22 2019
    This is so portable, and it does everything to manage all your daily tasks!! This is my go-to for everything!!
  • Nice upgrade,

    Thu Aug 22 2019
    My brother went in on the purchase of this for my birthday Good upgrade especially the sound is much much better than my prior model
  • Best value

    Thu Aug 22 2019
    I contemplated buying the latest version iPad Air but for less money, this iPad is just as good for what I do. Great for photo editing (Lightroom) and watching Netflix.
  • Wall Mounted iPad for Smart Home Control

    Thu Aug 22 2019
    As an audio-video home-theater smart-home integration company; when our customers are Apple-oriented "already", then these iPads become app-driven control-centers for a variety of smart-home controls specific to each customer's needs. A variety of wall-mount hardware brackets are "out there" to do so - from clear-acrylic screw-on-the-wall to good ol' VELCRO-mounting for easy removal if portability is desired.
  • Amazing

    Thu Aug 22 2019
    This ipad was a gift for Fathers Day for my dad. He loves it. Great purchase!!!
  • Jack of All Trades

    Thu Aug 22 2019
    As a college student I use my iPad for everything. It has replaced all of the paper in my backpack as well as the pencils. The 120hz refresh rate treats the eyes smooth and processing power allows for instant reaction. Using my student discount I was able to pay what I felt was a fair price for the device. Not to mention the countless apps and fun you can have while using the iPad
  • It's an Apple Product, and I love it!

    Thu Aug 22 2019
    This is perfect for on the go, easy and quick access. It's an Apple product, if you like Apple products, then you will love this!
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