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  • You won’t go back from this

    Fri Jan 08 2021
    Take your set up and workflow to a Pro-level with this top-of-the-line tool.
  • good

    Fri Jan 01 2021
    Works As described. Kinda big but Good. Still trying to get the knack of it. Still learning
  • Love it!!

    Sat Dec 12 2020
    My husband really loved this tablet. It's large and very efficient.
  • Easy to set up

    Sun Nov 01 2020
    Works as advertised.; simple to set up. Used for animation and photo editing, can be used for doing online instruction as a white board.
  • Great! For photography or artist

    Tue Jul 14 2020
    The tablet is so effective with photoshop/ editing photos isn’t tedious anymore. Drawing it’s something to get use to put if you are a person who has being looking to move to digital this a tablet for. You can even go to a smaller size.
  • Bought this for my granddaughter.

    Thu Jun 18 2020
    My granddaughter a is a budding artist and loves the drawing tablet to work on.
  • Useful product

    Mon Jan 27 2020
    Simple to use but extensive options for personal set up. The extra surface area allows for larger areas of post production on my images. This is my 2nd Wacom and they prove well made and durable. It's advantages over a mouse are numerous and simply preferable once you develop your own feel and range of the pen, plus it gives the option of touchscreen for basic navigation.
  • Waco

    Fri Nov 22 2019
    Excellent product, very competitive price from best buy. Bought a warranty as well, very happy with this.
  • Great Tool For Editing

    Fri Jul 12 2019
    I was in the market to upgraded my Wacom Tablet. This one is twice as big as the one I had and has better response to the touch. I'm loving it so far.
  • Outatanding tablet for a pro or beginner!

    Sat Apr 13 2019
    Easy set up. Top end product. If you want the best then you buy the best. If your serious about your art and you want top quality then buy a wacom and your there.
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