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AHORRA $5,060
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  • This one is great

    Fri Feb 21 2020
    I absolutely love the images that this camera takes. I’d recommend it any day.
  • Great camera

    Fri Jan 31 2020
    This is a great camera, I'm surprised how well it handles even though it's 2020, the 4k videos look amazing.
  • RX 100 V

    Tue Jan 14 2020
    I love this camera. It's tiny and takes great pics. It may not be for everyone, but it fills a niche. Better than a phone and much easier to lug around than a large camera.
  • Defective Open Box Item

    Mon Dec 16 2019
    I purchased this item in August to use on a vacation in October. The vacation was canceled at the last minute, so I never even had a chance to use the camera. I recently tried to sell it to recover the money I spent on it, and I was advised that the view finder was broken and I am unable to sell it. So now I am stuck with an item that is outside the return period at Best Buy, and that I am unable to sell on my own. Huge waste of money. Highly disappointed!
  • Easy to Use

    Thu Oct 17 2019
    My son wanted a camera to do special work related pictures/videos. He loves his camera.
  • Good quality

    Fri Aug 02 2019
    Glad I bought this and on sale too. Would buy again
  • Not for me

    Wed Jun 19 2019
    This might be a great camera for someone but the over heating is a big concern for me and I had to return it.
  • Very good point and shoot

    Fri May 31 2019
    Super good point and shoot camera, easy to use, and Sony has made great camera so far!
  • Great camera

    Fri May 17 2019
    I live this camera. It is portable and compact, but packed with so much! I live the ND filter and fast aperture.
  • Awesome camera

    Thu May 16 2019
    Awesome camera with 4K video and great for selfies.
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