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Insignia - Audífonos Bluetooth - Negro - Best Buy

Insignia - Audífonos Bluetooth - Negro - Best Buy

Modelo: NS-CAHBTOE01SKU: 1000204638

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  • Great purchase

    Mon Oct 26 2020
    These headphones have been great so far. They stay charged for a good while, I can wear them for several hours and they last a couple of days before needing a recharge. I was looking for a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones that wouldn't break the bank and these fit the bill. Though I do like the audible power on/off thing they do, I wish it was quieter. The listening quality is pretty good, especially for the price of these.
  • Insignia Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

    Mon Oct 26 2020
    These headphones started out good, but about one week in, the bluetooth and microphone stopped working. First, I was trying to talk in a Zoom meeting, and everyone was saying they could not hear me. Then, they just stopped connecting to my computer all together. I am disappointed because I was so happy about these headphones and thought the buttons on the side to answer calls and change the volume were so cool. But they do not work well.
  • Works Great!

    Sun Oct 25 2020
    These headphones did a great job and are much cheaper than other brands.
  • Not for me

    Sun Oct 25 2020
    Good price, easy to connect, comfortable to wear and good charging options. However, did not work with my computer speakers. Incredibly staticky and just not compatible. Returned them as soon as we realized that.
  • Great Value

    Sat Oct 24 2020
    I got these for $10 on sale. Great Value! These sound great for the price.
  • Not good

    Sat Oct 24 2020
    These headphones were bought for our son but did not last very long. We ended up having to purchase another pair for him within a few months because they just ended up breaking for no reason. Would not recommend these at all.
  • Very practical for everyday use!

    Sat Oct 24 2020
    These headphones worked great for a preteen. They are of good quality, and not too expensive. I am not a music connoisseur. So, I cannot comment on the quality of sound compared to higher-end headphones. However, I do know the sound is good enough! The best feature is that the headphones come with a removable cord. In case you forget to charge them, they are still usable. Also, if the cord is damaged (which is what happened to the headphones that this pair replaced), you only have to replace the cord, not the entire headphone unit and cord!
  • Father Approved

    Sat Oct 24 2020
    For the price, these headphones are legit. I bought them for my daughter. Easy to setup, comfortable, and good quality.
  • Wired or wireless

    Sat Oct 24 2020
    Got this for my kids for school and they work great.
  • Great for the price

    Sat Oct 24 2020
    Does exactly what I need for what I got them for. Better than expected. Good sound. Lightweight
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