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Sonos Sub – Subwoofer Inalámbrico Para Graves Profundos - Negro

Sonos Sub – Subwoofer Inalámbrico Para Graves Profundos - Negro


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  • Best sound

    Sat Dec 05 2020
    No better sound than Sonos. We use the sub with our beam and pair of Sonos Ones. The sound is perfect. There is no one better than Sonos
  • Not worth it

    Fri Dec 04 2020
    This subwoofer makes a loud popping sound. We thought it was defective but the second one did the same. A little research and this is apparently a known issue with this model.
  • Sonos is a must have

    Fri Dec 04 2020
    The best sup set up ever. Boy does this thing boom..
  • SONOS subwoofer

    Wed Dec 02 2020
    great sound, really like adding this to my SONOS system!!!! Waited for it to go on sale.
  • Just makes everything more awesome!

    Mon Nov 30 2020
    What can I say? I love my Sonos system overall, and the setup in our living room is the best in large part because of this sub. It's completely unobtrusive and out of the way, but it adds a depth of sound and realism that we weren't getting before without it. Weird to spend this much for something you never think about after you plug it in and set it up, but it's made a huge difference in how we listen to everything.
  • Great sub

    Sun Nov 29 2020
    This think pounds..... worth the money to just plug and play.
  • Excellent sub

    Tue Nov 24 2020
    This sub is excellent. I waited to purchase this after buying other Sonos items, got it on sale, and it has made a complete difference in my system. A must buy.
  • Sonos is #1

    Mon Nov 23 2020
    I have Sonos products throughout my home. The Subwoofer does not rattle and has super quality sound.
  • Sonos = best bang for your buck with audio

    Fri Nov 20 2020
    For those of you who aren’t familiar with Sonos, RUN to the nearest store and listen. You cannot beat the value or the sound. I went from over $30k in home stereo equipment to a Sonos system and could not be happier. The sound = HEAVEN
  • Great sound, easy set up

    Fri Nov 20 2020
    Amazing base, Sonos is awesome, easy connection to create home theater with other Sonos speakers hooked up to TV
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