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Sonos - Subwoofer Inalámbrico - Multiroom - Negro

Sonos - Subwoofer Inalámbrico - Multiroom - Negro


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AHORRA $2,250
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  • Booming Bass

    Fri Dec 13 2019
    Great addition to the Sonos sound bar, club level bass
  • Sonos Sub

    Fri Dec 13 2019
    Pricey and does not add much to television shows but what a difference it makes on a good movie!
  • Smooth Sub

    Fri Dec 13 2019
    Great to pair with the Playbar. I bought this a week after installing the Playbar and it makes a world of a difference. Nice smooth bass that doesnt buzz or ever sound cheezy. Just clean smooth lows. Great with music or movies/tv. It also looks great in a room. Like a piece of artwork.
  • Great Sound

    Fri Dec 13 2019
    The sound is second to none. The Sonos sub brings new life to the room. Thanks Geek Squad for the recommendation. No regrets here.
  • Great

    Fri Dec 13 2019
    This system is really great very easy to use it replaced a difinitive system and I hated that one the app was horrible this app is easy to use

    Fri Dec 13 2019
    Imagine watching a movie (For example Godzilla: king of the monsters), know how there’s bass drops and big old suspenseful bass noises? Well, this sub delivers all that and more, I love this thing so much, I can’t even get enough of it. Watching movies feels like you’re in the movie theatre, playing video games feels so immersive, overall, I’d recommend this to you AND your grandma any day. Like I’ve never been so happy in my life over a purchase like this. It’s all controlled through the app, it has support with amazon Alexa if you purchased like the Sonos beam, or the Sonos one’s with Alexa built in.
  • Must have

    Fri Dec 13 2019
    Must have addition to your Sonos system. Adds so much depth to the sound. Surround sound or music playback.
  • Nothing short of amazing

    Thu Dec 12 2019
    I bought the Sonos playbar, Sonos sub and two Sonos ones to complete my home theatre and I am in love! I was a little hesitant at first with the price, but after doing a lot of research and testing them in person, I went ahead and bought them. The sound is phenomenal! Easy set up all done through your phone and it connected seamlessly with WiFi. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to feel like they have legit movie theatre sound in their house!
  • Don't waste your time

    Tue Dec 10 2019
    Tried to connect to Sonos Beam for over two hours. Only way it would connect was when Ethernet cable was connected. Was told to hook up Ethernet to help sync issue in Sonos app. When I disconnected Ethernet cable it would not work in wireless mode. Sounded great when it was connected but for this price it should work wirelessly and like any other Sonos speaker. Returned to store, wasn't willing to spend more money for another component to make this work.
  • Excellent speaker

    Mon Dec 09 2019
    When I was looking into purchasing the subwoofer I was a little bit hesitant due to the price. One thing I can say is that you pay for what you get! I wish I would’ve purchased this sub along time ago. There’s setting that’s you can eq the bass to your liking.
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