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Rocketfish - Cable de Bocina 50' - Blanco

Rocketfish - Cable de Bocina 50' - Blanco

Modelo: RF-G1160SKU: 1000204245

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  • Not great

    Fri Feb 19 2021
    Not great. Hard to cut. The wire isnt enough akg. Maybe good for small speakers with small drivers
  • Great purchase, easy to install sounds great I wou

    Wed Feb 17 2021
    Great purchase, easy to install sounds great I would definitely recommend to a friend.
  • High Quality Speaker Wire

    Thu Feb 11 2021
    Excellent wire for use in new or replacement speaker setup. Wire is easy to prepare for connection and code to ensure polarities are maintained. Great value and high quality.
  • I recomend

    Sun Feb 07 2021
    It's great looks awesome and almost invisible or invisible for our guests
  • What?

    Fri Feb 05 2021
    It's fine for running wire under Capet's and moulding and because it's white it's hardly noticeable.
  • Ultra flat speaker wire

    Fri Feb 05 2021
    Ultra flat speaker wire is perfect for running under carpet
  • Speaker wire

    Fri Jan 29 2021
    Needed low profile, printable speaker wire for surface installation. This product will work just fine.
  • Good wires

    Fri Jan 29 2021
    Nice flat wires if you are running externally. Easy to hide and can be folded
  • Good

    Fri Jan 29 2021
    Pretty good. Nice and flat, works for me. Got this on clearance pricing, so that was good too
  • Speaker wire

    Sat Jan 23 2021
    This speaker wire was a great value and makes my speakers sound great. It is also able to be concealed due to it being flat and white.
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