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Philips - Foco HUE ambiance de 10.5W - Blanco

Philips - Foco HUE ambiance de 10.5W - Blanco

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  • Great expanse of white lighting in one bulb.

    Sat Aug 24 2019
    This is a 2 pack of Hue lightbulbs that have a full range of white light. These bulbs cover from a warm/soft to a cool/bright hue. They are what I consider to be the staple of a Hue lighting system as most rooms or fixtures don't require the full color bulb that costs the same as this 2 pack. They are great in overhead fixtures or lamps and paired with a Hue dimmer switch.
  • decent value

    Thu Aug 22 2019
    Hue bulbs are pricier than the rest, but it's like Apple with cell phones-you're buying into the more premium ecosystem. If I was doing it again I would probably have gone with a different system.
  • Great

    Thu Aug 22 2019
    Easy setup, provides customized white light. As soft as you prefer.
  • Love these lights!

    Wed Aug 21 2019
    I had done my research before purchasing this particular light, and was very surprised when they were beyond my expectations. The were easy to set up and use, and it sends update reminders.
  • Same good quality

    Wed Aug 21 2019
    For anyone with the hue ecosystem you know these are good products and they have very good customer support.
  • Okay product

    Wed Aug 21 2019
    I have this 3 stars because I had to purchase the Bridge which is an additional cost. The Bluetooth ones work without this bridge.
  • Great with alexa

    Mon Aug 19 2019
    I love using this especially how it can hook up to your Alexa.
  • Easy connection to Hue Bridge

    Fri Aug 16 2019
    These white ambiance LED bulbs were easy to install and configure with the Hue app and Hue bridge. I use them in a home office with a Hue sensor they automatically turn on to a warm light evening through morning or to a cool light mid morning until evening.
  • Not all rooms are created equal!

    Fri Aug 09 2019
    I am a big Philips Hue fan. All of my home have smart lighting. Make sure to balance colors and white light bulbs. Some rooms do not need colors. For example, my living room has color bulbs so on a movie night, I would put some colors. Christmas colors when watching a Christmas movie. Halloween colors when watching a Halloween movie. My bedroom is always on Duck Egg color because it looks so calm and romantic. I have wall sconces so they are on white ambiance bulbs. Always use your judgment on how you would want to put either color or white light bulbs. Not all rooms are created equal!
  • The best smart lamps!

    Fri Aug 02 2019
    The product is very good. Worth every penny your purchase. Good workmanship and works perfect!
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