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GoPro - Bolsa de Accesorios - Negro

GoPro - Bolsa de Accesorios - Negro

Modelo: AGBAG-002SKU: 1000203341

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  • Great price for what you get

    Fri Jan 31 2020
    I got a second GoPro and need more attachments to go with what I had. A great choice to buy if you need more stuff for your GoPro.
  • awesome screw mount

    Sat Jan 18 2020
    great mount, Ill keep typing to fill in required characters
  • Grab Bag

    Sun Dec 29 2019
    Like the GoPro branded accessories even if a little more cost. Just last longer.
  • Amazing.

    Sat Dec 28 2019
    Bought this as a gift. They loved it. Very durable and long lasting.
  • Great Kit

    Sat Nov 30 2019
    Had all the mounts I needed for a great picture. Must need with youR GoPro.
  • Awesome set of mounts

    Sat Nov 16 2019
    Needed these to make a chin mount for my motorcycle helmet. Had all the necessary mounts and attachments i needed to do what i wanted.
  • Basic necessity

    Wed Nov 13 2019
    Provides the basic attachments for a helmet mount or vehicle mount. Quality is there, but can get third party stuff for a little bit cheaper.
  • When you need extra bits, you need this package

    Mon Oct 14 2019
    Most of the bits just go in the junk drawer...but maybe one day you'll need them.
  • Everything you need !!

    Sat Oct 12 2019
    This kit is just right for you just in case you lose or accidentally throw away a small but vital piece. Good to know you can get back on track for $20.
  • Great for beginners!

    Sat Sep 21 2019
    Great for beginners! Highly recommend it especially for first time users
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