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  • Great watch!!

    Mon Jun 17 2019
    Really liking the s3 Frontier. I actually purchased the Galaxy Watch, but honestly couldn't get past the silver/shiny look. I tried. Loved the build quality, though, so went with the s3 Frontier instead and glad I did. the recent updates brings it up to the Galaxy Watch features as well. I don't need a watch I will swim with or submerge into water for long periods of time, so that feature wasn't as important. Happy with it! It's a bit heavy, but I'm good with that. I do find that the heart rate monitor does have a little trouble keeping up during some workouts and lots of arm movement, but it eventually catches up and it's not a deal-breaker for me, Like the Tizen ecosystem and Samsung overall. Got it on sale too, so added bonus!
  • amazing tracker & user friendly

    Sun Jun 16 2019
    This is an amazing tracker & super user friendly. It sinks to my Samsung Galaxy s10 and tracks all my steps, BPM, elevation, and mileage when I hike, and I track all my hikes and sleeping DATA. Super useful.
  • Great all around watch

    Sun Jun 16 2019
    I have had this watch for a year and 4 months now and the battery is still just amazing. I can easily get thru two to three day of use out of it. I am in a busy factory all day for 12 hour days. It gets all of my text messages and company emails right on it as well as Facebook and messenger and snap. One day if I have all of the settings up, brightness high, move your wrist to turn on the watch, and vibration on every notification so as not to disturb any one in the room. I typically charge this when I just go to bed. I want to recommend this product, although let me warn you if you do get this watch, you are going to feel totally lost the day that you didn’t put it on before you left the house.
  • Good watch

    Sat Jun 15 2019
    I returned this watch to get the Galaxy watch and regretted immediately. The s3 frontier had less issues.
  • Amazing smartwatch

    Sat Jun 15 2019
    Easily one of my favorite smartwatches ever... I had it once before, and sold it when going to iOS. Back on Android now and bought it again. Great watch. Great features. Large too which makes it easy to see. Rotating bezel is also really neat
  • Love it

    Sat Jun 15 2019
    I love this watch.. able to text and talk right from it
  • Nice

    Sat Jun 15 2019
    Very good easy to used, plenty of widgets and different faces
  • The watch worked well initially.

    Sat Jun 15 2019
    I have had the watch for 1 month and 4 days. The watch is sometimes running out of power within a few hours and not even making it through the day. I was told that the charge would last for at least 2 to 3 days. However, the charge has not lasted more than 1 day since getting the watch. Very disappointing.
  • Works great

    Sat Jun 15 2019
    Battery is the issue but otherwise it works great. Reminds of workout time, stretching etc. well thought apps. It looks amazing. Samsung should give more color options like blue, red etc.
  • Nice watch

    Sat Jun 15 2019
    I love this watch. I recommend it for anyone who needs a good watch.
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