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  • Excellent Choice

    Tue Nov 24 2020
    I really like these cameras. The touch screen is really accurate and responsive. We use these cameras for streaming services and they are clear and work well in low lights conditions.
  • Great video quality, OK sound.

    Sun Nov 15 2020
    Great video quality, OK sound. When recording concert, it could use an external microphone
  • Camcorder for recording varmint hunts.

    Fri Oct 30 2020
    I got this camcorder for my birthday as a present from me to me. I intend to use it while I am hunting varmint in the field with the stand and extra battery I bought.
  • love it

    Wed Sep 09 2020
    Can't go wrong with the original Sony handy Cam love it
  • This camera has been a companion for many events.

    Sun Sep 06 2020
    This camera has allowed to me capture many events. The company holiday video to sporting events. This camera provides clarity. I recommended getting a flexible tripod or stand for event use and for improved stability.
  • Suprise! Dropped frames when creating new file.

    Wed Aug 26 2020
    I could not WAIT to get this camera. I took it out to do some jobs and found a surprise. If the video was longer than 4GB, when the new file was created - frames were dropped. I was sick. I do many "session" takes. Speeches, events and the like. Often the last more than an hour and a half. So now I have to monkey around with file type, resolution etc, so I get as much as I can within that 4gb range. Most people will not have a problem with this. But for those who shoot what I shoot, be advised. I would STILL recommend it to others. The internal gimble is the bomb!
  • OK for what it is

    Sat Aug 22 2020
    It's a decent option if you just need a basic video camera, and don't care too much about the video quality. Like much in this range, video will look much better outdoors in good lighting. These camcorders have small sensors, so they're rather noisy in low light conditions. I really don't find it passable for darker conditions indoors, unless the lighting is really good. The lens moves to help stabilize your shots a bit. I mainly try to use my mirrorless camera for indoor videos instead. I suppose you get what you pay for in this range.
  • My son loves it! Great camera for beginners!

    Fri Aug 14 2020
    Niiiiiiiiice quality imaging! Although, product qualify didn't match pricing.
  • Great camera

    Fri Jul 24 2020
    Meets and exceeds our needs for our live-stream worship services
  • great camera

    Fri Jul 17 2020
    great camera I use it to film my son's lacrosse games
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