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  • Simple to use for beginners

    Fri Jan 03 2020
    Purchased camera to review basketball games. Simple to use and love that I am able to play back on my smart tv. One thing I wish there was a flash built in.
  • Great camera for soccer games

    Mon Oct 28 2019
    I wanted a mid-range priced camera to record high school and club soccer games. This camera is perfect for what I wanted. It is easy to use and the video quality is great.
  • Nice camera

    Sat Oct 12 2019
    Easy to handle, good picture quality! Used mainly for sports recordings and works well for this.
  • Very shaky video

    Fri Sep 20 2019
    I got the camera so I can record our softball games. I was recording from second base and home plate. When zooming in the picture quality looked degraded. And the stability was also lacking. This camera might be good for close up recording at a bday dinner but nothing more.
  • Great camera for beginners

    Sat Aug 24 2019
    Touch screen works best if you use a pointer with a rubber soft head. Good zoom distance. Captures moving objects well.Easy to use. Small and light. Pocket size.
  • Save your money. Big Sony disappointment.

    Fri Aug 23 2019
    You'd think for a $500 list it would be a great point and shoot. I bought it as open box for $350 and it's still overpriced. It's junk, poor quality even in normal light with lots of noise. I have other Sonys years old that blow this one away. Someone was sleeping at Sony when they designed this. Almost returned it, but decided to use it in situations where if it is lost, I won't mourn.
  • Almost perfect

    Wed Aug 14 2019
    I’ll keep updating over time. My first day: I found some damaged spot on the metal front (not a big deal, just cosmetic problems). The camera work fine if you have enough lights. Shooting in the dark can cause graining but my main work has to be in front of lights. There’re some surprising features such as smartphone controller, wifi transfer and stabilising which ensure that I’ve made a right decision.
  • Great video camera!

    Mon Jul 22 2019
    This camera is easy to use and the quality of the video is great!
  • Wow

    Tue Jul 16 2019
    This one is a keeper. Talk about image stability! Amazing picture quality and good sound. Will recommend.
  • Great Camara

    Mon Jul 15 2019
    Very compact..light weight...does what we need. No complains yet.
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