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  • I like it

    Sun Oct 25 2020
    excellent works perfect! we buy it for my printer and is a very good tool
  • Nice product for a mac

    Sat Oct 24 2020
    Now that I have this product I can use it for my TV, or use it for the printer. Whatever you need this for it works really well.
  • Connector

    Sat Oct 24 2020
    Super product. Makes connecting a lot of devices much easier.
  • No

    Sat Oct 24 2020
    It served it's basic function but it did not let the device charge enough to keep up with the connections attached to it as well. Now it's part of the phone who needs this device anymore?
  • Awesome

    Sat Oct 24 2020
    This was one of my best purchases. It's a simple as plug and play.
  • HDMI

    Fri Oct 23 2020
    It doesn’t work for two monitors It’s not strong for both.
  • Great adapter.

    Fri Oct 23 2020
    This adapter is fantastic and works great with my MacBook Pro.
  • Adapter

    Fri Oct 23 2020
    Works great for my apple devices and the price was very comparable to other brands.
  • adapter

    Fri Oct 23 2020
    Expensive product for use with apple laptop. Can be cheaper
  • Sold "New"

    Fri Oct 23 2020
    I was sold this item "new" but can clearly see it was used. Thankful it works fine, just sucks to pay for new and you don't get new
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