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Motorola - Radio de dos vías T260MC

Motorola - Radio de dos vías T260MC

Modelo: T260MCSKU: 1000201216

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  • Motorola's walkie talkies

    Sun Jan 13 2019
    Our car club recommends these radios, purchased the 35 mph radius range and they work well. Also a good idea to use where cell phone service is sketchy or nonexistent.
  • Good walkie talkie for the price.

    Fri Dec 21 2018
    My grandson wanted these for his Christmas presents and I believe he will love them. That are solid made and clear.
  • Works Fine Around the House....Up To 2 Blocks

    Sat Jan 20 2018
    Selected these after reading a lot of reviews.....wanted a blend of quality at a fair price, that didn’t look like toys. We use them instead of an intercom system in a 2-story house. They work well, inside and out of the house, down the block to about 1-2 block distance (200 yards). After that, start getting noise.....tried it from the supermarket parking lot about 3 blocks away and it was just about useless. We don’t plan on using outside of the immediate house grounds anyway, so that said, it makes life easier instead of yelling in the house. About what I expected, you need more power for longer distances and that costs a lot more. Battery life is short, leaving it on all day with sporadic use pretty much makes you recharge it for the next day or it will be very low. No big deal in our case. Got 3 units for about $65 or so by price matching Amazon.
  • They work

    Sun Jan 07 2018
    Gift for my grandson. He likes them. I was disappointed with the range. The 25 miles seems a bit misleading. My recommendation would come with an asterisk.
  • Works Great

    Thu Dec 28 2017
    A solid product that works well. Not quite as easy to use as other ones I've owned.
  • walkie talkie review

    Fri Nov 24 2017
    We use these excellent communicators to stay in touch when on a cruise, hike,or other outing. We like the ability to have sub channels to ensure privacy and keep our communications to our group only. Excellent sound quality and great value for the money.
  • Hunting couple

    Wed Nov 15 2017
    My husband and I purchased these so while we were hunting on opposite ends of our hunting property we could let each other know when something was headed in their direction. We found that their was way to much static when other was trying to whisper. Not a good pair if your using for hunting.
  • Good radio

    Fri Jul 07 2017
    The range is good, easy to use, lightweight, there was a lot of functions to keep up with, the channels were easy to find
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