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  • Canon

    Sat Jan 23 2021
    I bought this gift for my mother's birthday and she absolutely loved it. It was the full package. The extra lens is perfect for zoomed in shots and the bag ensures the camera is protected!
  • Camera

    Fri Jan 22 2021
    Takes very good pictures and is fairly easy to use
  • GREAT Camera

    Tue Jan 19 2021
    Love it, got it for my wife for Christmas, now I want my own! Good choice for her!
  • Love it

    Sat Jan 16 2021
    It has been flawless, easy to use, my first DSLR camera, I have taken over a thousand pictures already, the software for my PC is slow only problem there are upgrades but no help. could be my 3-year old Dell.
  • Well worth it

    Fri Jan 15 2021
    This camera is amazing. The 2 different lenses helps and makes it easy for a beginner to use. I just use it for personal photography. But I'm sure its wonderful for a professional to use. It has so many features and settings to help improve basic photography skills. Well worth it
  • Don’t bother

    Fri Jan 15 2021
    The picture quality was not good. My iPhone video quality was 10 times better so I returned this item.
  • Great pictures and great price.

    Fri Jan 15 2021
    This was a gift. They love it. Good pictures, Cant go wrong.
  • No title

    Sat Jan 09 2021
    My son loves his camera, it was a Christmas gift 2 years ago, since then the price has gone down, leading me to believe that I was overcharged in the first place.
  • I love this camera

    Thu Jan 07 2021
    Definitely worth the buy. I learned how to use the camera pretty easy as a beginner photographer. Once I read the manual to work the basic functions, I paired my skills with Lightroom and it’s been a great transition. I suggest getting a tripod to pair with the camera for the self timer option
  • Easy to use

    Sun Jan 03 2021
    Absolutely love this camera! It seems easy to use but I am also still learning it. I’ve taken many photos of my kids and have had people ask if they were professional. Love that there are so many accessories that you can get to go with the camera as well.
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