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  • Functionally flawed

    Fri Aug 21 2020
    These are a good quality but flawed in design. The ear buds fall out all of the time. This never happens to me with other ear buds.
  • Less than average

    Fri Jun 19 2020
    These earbuds are terrible they are heavy and the sound quality is not good for the price.
  • thought product was junk

    Sat Apr 04 2020
    not good product for price. not sturdy at all....broke way to fast
  • No good

    Thu Aug 22 2019
    I couldn’t hear anything my wife was saying when she was talking on them. To much background noise
  • Excellent product

    Thu Jul 18 2019
    Highly recommend! Stays charged for a long time and the sound quality is outstanding! A++
  • There ok

    Sat Jun 01 2019
    They work ok at times but sometimes they don’t you can’t answer your phone
  • They work

    Wed Apr 17 2019
    Not my favorite blue tooth but they worked at least a little while
  • Waste

    Wed Apr 17 2019
    This was a waste of my money. Used it for all of two months. And then stopped working. One of the reasons why I switched to a different product.
  • Samsung

    Thu Mar 21 2019
    Well it is okay but I love the other color the best
  • Great headphones

    Wed Mar 20 2019
    No problems so far with headset. Wish the volume was a tad bit higher
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