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  • TV Antenna

    Sat Mar 06 2021
    Performs as advertised, good value. Delivered in a timely manner.
  • Ay

    Fri Mar 05 2021
    Mutiple chanels better than cable tv buy it now is good i regret paying for cable after i buy dis antenna
  • My Antenna

    Fri Mar 05 2021
    This digital antennas help me to see channels that i could see now im able to see my favorite show and channel
  • replaces rabbit ears antenna

    Wed Mar 03 2021
    it works. over the air HDTV. local channels are there. I love this thing.
  • Great antenna

    Mon Mar 01 2021
    Excellent reception! I am glad this is working out as the antenna in our room.
  • Gift for my dad

    Sun Feb 28 2021
    My dad had a paper thing antenna that you put on the wall but you had to move it all over the place to watch more than one football game so I picked this one up and we don’t have to move it at all to get in even more channels.
  • Antenna

    Sun Feb 28 2021
    Works perfectly for what I wanted to do with it. Of course your picture won’t be as good as if you have cable with that tv.
  • Antenna

    Sat Feb 27 2021
    This digital antenna is so good, I ended up buy one for my in laws and they love how easy it was set up.
  • Great choice antena

    Sat Feb 27 2021
    This is a great antenna, works as expected. Easy to connect and provides a very clear picture
  • Great Indoor Antenna

    Fri Feb 26 2021
    This antenna works better than the antenna I purchased that cost 3 times more. I do not have the antenna close to a window and it performs great.
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