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  • Great connector

    Wed Aug 05 2020
    Easy to connect my iPhone to TV and steam videos and photos.
  • A little hard to use.

    Tue Aug 04 2020
    It works good but sometimes you have to connect and disconnect to have better results.
  • Love it

    Tue Aug 04 2020
    Works like a dream for my living room set up!!!!!!
  • Simple, compact, very useful & flexible tool

    Tue Aug 04 2020
    Very easy to use and compact in that it saves the space that would otherwise be needed for two separate adapters. Worked great for presentations and for presenting videos from tablet to big-screen with a separate HDMI cable.
  • Still using it

    Mon Aug 03 2020
    Thought this was not going to work, but I was wrong, good thing I bought it.
  • Great accessory

    Mon Aug 03 2020
    It is a useful item to have just in case you want to show people your own person videos or don’t have an any other way to watch streaming services like Netflix.
  • Works 100% of the time!

    Mon Aug 03 2020
    I very stupidly bought a non-apple version of one of these and it never worked correctly. This adapter works flawlessly, every single time. Would recommend.
  • Works

    Mon Aug 03 2020
    This item works as it should. Pretty handy to have around.
  • Easy to use and great quality

    Mon Aug 03 2020
    Its as simple as plugging this adapter in to the iPad and the HDMI into the TV. The hardest part is getting the TV to the correct HDMI input (all TVs vary) and nothing to do with this part. I was expecting having to do something on the iPad to enable mirroring the iPad screen, but it just works. I use it for Plex videos downloaded locally. Plex recognizes that it shouldn't play on the iPad screen and just plays on the TV via the adapter.
  • xfinity app

    Mon Aug 03 2020
    xfinty stream wont work when attached to television
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