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  • Works well

    Tue May 26 2020
    This is a good product and does exactly the description says
  • value for money at the price and deal I got it

    Mon May 25 2020
    value for money at the price and deal I got it , great build quality and perfect one for Tvs to protect against surge
  • A great outlet

    Mon May 25 2020
    Bought it for charging cell phones and laptop at my bed. It works great
  • Good for the price and it's duty

    Mon May 25 2020
    It's really a great product and it serves its job really well. I can connect multiple gadgets and never see any issues charging up or interrupting. I definitely recommend this to friends out there.
  • Reliable and versatile

    Mon May 25 2020
    Giving the 4 side-facing outlets is a very convenient feature, especially if you have some piece of furniture in front of the outlet that does not allow much space. Also, the two USB outlets for charging devices are very convenient. Slight negative is that the outlets go up to 2.1 Amps, not 2.4 which is faster for charging iPads and other newer devices.
  • Good product for the price

    Sun May 24 2020
    Seems to work well as a surge protector. I purchased it to prevent AFCI nuisance tripping. It did not help the problem hence the 4 star rating.
  • Great for the price

    Sun May 24 2020
    With the side sockets it’s super convenient to use behind furniture
  • Works great

    Sun May 24 2020
    It works great. Don’t expect a fast charge from the USB.
  • Great little surge protector

    Sun May 24 2020
    I bought this to offer some surge protection for a printer and laptop computer. It is plugged into a place where space was limited and is perfect for that reason.
  • Great Outlet

    Sat May 23 2020
    I like the side way out especially with the two USB port. I use one of the ports for the Wyze cam. It is very convenient.
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