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  • Cable

    Sat Jan 09 2021
    Needed an extra charging cable and this was good to get. Nothing out of the ordinary so it’ll do.
  • Usb Cable

    Fri Jan 08 2021
    Long length wire and ports are still in great shape!
  • Does the job

    Thu Dec 31 2020
    I purchased this for my old Android phone that I had at the time. It’s a great charger.
  • Good cable.

    Sun Dec 27 2020
    Good cable, works as intended. Great value for the the price.
  • extension of charging cell phone

    Fri Dec 25 2020
    The chord that came with my cell phone was way too short, and this really solved the problem, and does a good job of quickly charging my cell phone.
  • Charger for controllers

    Sun Dec 20 2020
    It charges the controller while you use the controller
  • Usb cord

    Sat Dec 19 2020
    Great USB cord that I still use. Got a good deal and charges fast.
  • Works

    Fri Dec 18 2020
    A good cable for the money. Had a plug fitting on each end just as advertised.
  • Not worth price

    Fri Dec 18 2020
    Over priced you can get throwaway same quality and cheaper......
  • Works

    Wed Dec 16 2020
    Works like it's supposed to. Not much to complain about.
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