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Insignia - Cable Carga/Sinc Micro USB 4" - Negro

Insignia - Cable Carga/Sinc Micro USB 4" - Negro

Modelo: NS-MCDT2SKU: 1000183330

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  • Does the job

    Sat Feb 22 2020
    Charger works just fine and reasonably priced. Very helpful in the store getting me exactly what I needed.
  • Its a cord and it worked!

    Sat Feb 22 2020
    Needed a cord fast to replace one that Mom lost, again, and it did the trick.
  • Great product

    Sat Feb 22 2020
    Needed a new charging cord for my cell. Wasn't sure which one worked on my phone. Salesman directed me immediately to the right one. Works better than the original one.
  • I need to get used to it.

    Sat Feb 22 2020
    Shelby was great helping me. I am older and not techy at all, he was very patient and helpful.
  • works find

    Sat Feb 22 2020
    It works with my external drive just as it should.
  • Phone charger

    Sat Feb 22 2020
    The phone charger didn't last long. It charges on and off.
  • Poor quality

    Sat Feb 22 2020
    I have purchased 2 of these and within a week or less I had to exchange it for another one because it quit working. Annoying. Frustrating.
  • just want we needed

    Fri Feb 21 2020
    works great and easy to use. save us from buying another speaker
  • Perfect length

    Fri Feb 21 2020
    This charging cord is great mainly because it's length. This fits my needs perfectly.
  • Didn’t use it, sent phone back to China.

    Fri Feb 21 2020
    Looks ok.its just a cord already. What more can I say?
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