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  • Additional cables

    Sat Apr 20 2019
    Needed additional cables for additional TV. Spares are always handy anyway.
  • Good Buy for the Price

    Fri Mar 08 2019
    Exactly as advertised. Good option for a cheaper price.
  • Cheap and effective.

    Fri Aug 24 2018
    Needed to hookup an old VCR to a new TV and quality wasn’t an issue so we picked these up for the lowest price.
  • Great price for good cables

    Fri Jul 27 2018
    Significantly cheaper than other options on the website. They do the job and 6’ is plenty of cable for most jobs.
  • Exactly what I needed

    Sun Jul 08 2018
    Just moved and needed to hookup several devices to one TV and this worked perfectly for my DVD player.
  • Great price for devices in my 5th wheel

    Tue Jul 03 2018
    Did not need anything expensive since it was going in my 5th wheel. priced just right for the type of equipment used in the RV
  • Ok in s pinch

    Fri Jun 08 2018
    I bought these cables to use with a DVR they work ok but the colors of the movies are off they look a bit green. I am not sure if it is the DVR or tgecsbkes but it never used to happen with my other cables that I lost
  • Much better than RCA cables

    Fri May 25 2018
    This cable works well if you don’t have any HDMI inputs left on your TV.
  • Great product

    Sat Apr 28 2018
    Works great. No problems does the job it’s such to do
  • Excellent Product

    Mon Apr 23 2018
    Excellent Product, works as stated on the package.
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