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  • Excellent quality cable

    Sat Apr 04 2020
    I do like the Rocketfish cables. Excellent quality and gives a good picture. I’ve used them for years and they never disappoint.
  • quality hdmi cable

    Sat Apr 04 2020
    Quality HDMI cable.......use it when setting up my firestick......I like the quality of the picture.....I get when using these cables.
  • Known brand

    Fri Apr 03 2020
    Have used brand before. Last longer than other cables purchases in the past.
  • Great wire

    Fri Apr 03 2020
    This is a good and reliable cable that provides a good picture
  • Great cables

    Fri Apr 03 2020
    Very easy to hook up! Turns out we already had a cable, but switched for better length--perfect!
  • I love this

    Fri Apr 03 2020
    The last HDMI I had bent and broke. It was very flimsy made. This ROCKETFISH has very strong quality workmanship
  • HDMI

    Fri Apr 03 2020
    12 ft cords works great and long enough for space tv hung in
  • Great HDMI cable

    Fri Apr 03 2020
    Works great! A little pricy but well made! I recommend it
  • Great and affordable cable

    Fri Apr 03 2020
    Switched from one of the regular hdmi cable. Impressed by picture quality!
  • HDMI cables

    Fri Apr 03 2020
    Great high quality HDMI cables to use for a large flat screen.
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