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  • Excellent quality, for this price range.

    Mon Oct 19 2020
    I give this 5 stars, because I will only compare it to other headsets in its price range. The headsets that cost $75+ are more comfortable, but this is a great headset for less than half that price. It's reasonably comfortable to wear for gaming sessions that go on for hours. Although I bit the bullet and upgraded to a nicer model (for $100), I will still keep this one as a good spare/backup.
  • This headset works

    Mon Oct 19 2020
    This headset works well. The cord is extremely long.
  • Great for Virtual Meetings

    Mon Oct 19 2020
    This headset works great for virtual Zoom, Teams, etc meetings.
  • Logitech USB headset with noise canceling mic

    Sun Oct 18 2020
    Bought these for working from home. Excellent noise reduction from my surroundings. Low cost and does the job. Found myself using these quite a bit even when I'm not taking calls.
  • Good overall

    Sun Oct 18 2020
    Does it do the job? - yes. Could you find a better set? - most definitely, however for the price this is a pretty fair deal. My only objection is that I feel the pressure from the headband at the top of my head and it becomes uncomfortable after a while. When that happens I try to shift the position and even to fold it towards the back of my head just to give myself some rest. Overall is a decent mic&hradphones set.
  • Worth the price.

    Sun Oct 18 2020
    Feels a little cheap and it is a bit tight, but it does the job.
  • Excellent choice to for at home or students

    Sun Oct 18 2020
    Works great for these stay at home days. Using it with Meetings and VOIP app. Comfortable to wear but does get a little warm over long period.
  • Great job

    Sat Oct 17 2020
    Excellent product. Great curb side service when i picked up. Great job best buy
  • headset

    Sat Oct 17 2020
    This product is decent, average. I would never purchase this again, nor anything else from Best Buy. It was such a hassle and was not able to get connected to anyone who could honor their price match "guarantee".
  • Good headphone with microphone for online meetings

    Sat Oct 17 2020
    Sounds good and microphone is great according to those in the online meeting. Only knock is it gets uncomfortable on my (sensitive) ears when used for a long time.
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